Paul Gurgol, Director

Broadway classics

How do you update a classic while honoring what makes it a classic? Paul Gurgol combined a deep respect for the author's intentions with rigorous research to discover a signature approach to every show.

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New and undiscovered gems

An avid champion of new works, Gurgol had a real passion for new and undiscovered gems. New musicals were a cornerstone of his mission as Artistic Director of Kalliope Stage, directing five regional premieres, as well as the world premiere of Coming to America.

Some of his biggest box office successes were 'under-loved' musicals he plucked from the past and charged with excitement. His 2007 production of Dear World was hailed by critics as the ideal production.

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Original creations

From his earliest work with American Movie Classics (AMC,) Gurgol had a winning record of original commercial productions. His cabaret shows and reviews delighted audiences across the country.

He directed the Millenium Blast, the gala opening night event for the International Hotel Show on Times Square, and produced audience-pleasing entertainments of every size.

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