Paul Gurgol, Director


My Fair Lady
Beck Center for the Arts 2010
My Fair Lady photo
"Charming, elegant and proper - everything that My Fair Lady should be. The Beck Center for the Arts' production of My Fair Lady is all of these things. Kudos to director Paul Gurgol for smart staging."
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Sweeney Todd
Cain Park 2010
Beck Center Sweeney Todd photo
"From the opening frenzied moments of "Sweeney Todd" until its bloody, fiery ending, director Paul Gurgol's compelling production strongly suggests a world teetering on the edge of madness. A perfectly chosen cast, hypnotic staging and wondrous stagecraft, coupled with Sondheim's ravishing music and biting lyrics, make this a not-to-be missed theatrical event of the season."
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Fiddler On The Roof
Beck Center for the Arts 2009
Fiddler on the Roof photo
"As staged with fluent charm by Paul Gurgol, former artistic director of Kalliope Stage, the production finds a fine balance between the humor, poignancy and tension that makes "Fiddler" one of the summits of musical theater. This "Fiddler" achieves impact with endearing integrity."
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A Little Night Music
Opera Cleveland 2007
Kalliope Stage 2005
Clague Playhouse 1992
A Little Night Music photo
"Gurgol has perpetrated what may well be the premier realization of this much-produced 1973 show seen in these parts in decades. If this outing genuinely exemplifies the requisite level of the Broadway-show component in Opera Cleveland's projected cocktail mix of classic and pop operas -- bartender, you can make mine a double."
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110 In The Shade
Kalliope Stage 2006
110 In The Shade photo
"It was refreshing to experience this small and quietly charming show in such an intimate setting and with unamplified voices. I am always amazed by the consistently fine quality at Kalliope, spearheaded by the theater's talented and impassioned artistic director, Paul F. Gurgol, whose production of "110" is delightful. Thanks to director Gurgol, the first-rate cast transcends to find the beauty and poignancy at the show's inner core."
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Kalliope Stage 2005
Cabaret photo
"This production is a clear triumph. Gurgol's ultra-daring conception of "Cabaret" has been 20 years in the making. Every detail Gurgol has added to this show is replete with symbolism. This undoubtedly will be the most meaningful musical production audiences will see all year."
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Kalliope Stage 2005
Baby photo
"There are so many good things to say about "Baby." The intimate chamber pieces finds a perfect setting at Kalliope Stage. The uniformly excellent cast makes their characters utterly human and believable. Paul F. Gurgol's direction is airtight. Miss this musical and miss a lot!"
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A Grand Night For Singing
Kalliope Stage 2004
A Grand  Night For Singing photo
Based on its first production, "A Grand Night for Singing," directed with style and wit by Paul F. Gurgol, Kalliope Stage is going to be a mandatory addition to the entertainment schedule. Director Gurgol effortlessly transitions from one tune to the next and optimizes the small playing area with ever-shifting focal points. This "Grand Night" is a gleaming treasure of musical excellence; it should not be missed."
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Grand Hotel
Berea Summer Theater 1994
Grand Hotel photo
"The star of "Grand Hotel" is its director. Mr. Gurgol draws outstanding performances all around and knows how to stage a musical better than anyone we've seen in this town within memory."
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And The World Goes 'Round
Jewish Community Center 1994
And The World Goes Round photo
"Everything you would want in a musical revue is here: good songs, great lyrics, wonderful voices and magical staging. It's a show you simply don't want to miss. Every performance should be SRO."
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Berea Summer Theater 1992
Evita photo